A lesson from the workings of a teenage girl’s mind…

Hey, finally making a quick, much anticipated (mainly by me) comeback to my blog!

And to celebrate the occasion, I’d like to reminisce about something that happened to me a long time ago, when I was a teenager: one day, a friend’s daughter (she was about 6 years younger than me) anxiously asked if I liked Alyssa Milano. She was dead serious about it. Back then I only had a slight idea of who Alyssa Milano was (the girl who played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in “Commando”, right?) and I did think she was cute, so I told her so.

She immediately sighed with sincere relief, so I asked her why she was interested about it. She explained that Alyssa Milano was dating Corey Haim, and if I liked her I could date Alyssa so Corey would be free to date her.

Yes, she was absolutely certain of this.

That was a very enlightening moment about the workings of a young teenage girl’s mind, but more importantly, it was also a lesson about the perception that people have about us: She was actually convinced I could date Alyssa Milano, even if I thought it was impossible (and whoo-boy, would I have wanted to date Alyssa Milano a few years later… before getting married, of course –my wife’s likely to read this, you know?)

It’s funny how people usually think much higher of your potential than yourself, isn’t it?

We admire people and believe them capable of amazing things, and don’t realize there are some who have total faith in our own ability to achieve something that sometimes we don’t feel capable of doing. If only we always had the same confidence in ourselves as we put onto others…

Anyway, kids, the lesson here is: support everyone around you and help them realize their full potential. Chances are they’ll do the same for you. And by all means, try to have more confidence in yourselves!

Have a great week!


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