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The character sex-change, white washing issue

Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in Mexico, but there’s been an interesting phenomenon in the media (mostly in the US) that I can’t but marvel at, due to the apparent complexities and cultural ramifications. I’ll try to make my case without being insensitive or offensive, however I believe I need to give a bit of background information on my upbringing just to clarify where this is all coming from: I’m a gen-Xer through and through. I was born and raised in the seventies, while my teens took place through the 80’s. I grew up watching, among many other things, Warner Bros cartoons with abundant racial stereotypes that would seem unthinkable under today’s political correctness’ standards: there were slow-talking black skinned manservants and cannibals, bucktoothed and spectacled oriental characters, and Mexicans (yeah, that’s us) portrayed as lazy zarape-wearing, sombreroed smartasses who spent the day sitting next to a cactus in the company of a donkey. I was al