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A Long Overdue Farewell

It’s been a year and a half since I left 20th Century Fox and, until now, I hadn’t had the time or the inspiration to formally say goodbye. As a quick backstory, after a few years at various creative jobs in advertising and production, I started my career in the movie industry in February 2000 when I joined United International Pictures (UIP) as Media Manager. The now gone UIP distributed films from Paramount , Dreamworks , Universal Pictures and MGM .  Back then, I believed I had struck career gold by getting a job at the industry I had always loved, so I was devastated when, less than two years later, I had to leave and move to Miami, Florida, due to personal issues. While I was making that hard decision, a good friend (she happened to be my boss at the time) told me that you had to move on and not dwell in the past, as nothing in this industry (or the World, for that matter) was certain. Who would have guessed those words would prove to be so prophetic?