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Pathway into the Stars

As someone who was born in 1970, one year after man first set foot on the Moon, I grew up believing space travel was a common thing. As a boy, I regularly watched TV series like Space 1999 , Star Trek , the British UFO and the Japanese Ultraman , so to me starfighters were as common as a Sopwith Camel or a Curtiss P-3​6 Hawk might have been to my dad (and remember, this was a few years before Star Wars !). Some of my TV heroes such as Steve Austin ( The Six Million Dollar Man ), Virdon and Burke (The Planet of the Apes TV series), and even I Dream of Jeannie ’s Major Anthony Nelson, were all astronauts. One of my favorite movies was “ Journey to the Far Side of the Sun ” starring Roy Thinnes. It was one of those slow, bleak-ending films with a weird premise about an astronaut finding a mirror-image Earth at the other side of the Sun. I don’t recall much about the story, but I remember I loved the space-travel aspects of it… and the bleak ending. Oh, how I l